The LAP Certification gives Logipren credibility as a neonatal resucitation player

The Logipren solution is a software package to assist prescription (LAP) of drugs and parenteral nutrition dedicated to neonatology. This LAP created by neonatology pediatricians was finalized in 2014.

Secured prescriptions

The creation of this editor is the fruit of a partnership with the Reunion University hospital, supported by the European Union and the Reunion Region through Feder funding, “ We started with the idea that one in six manual prescriptions, in the neonatology field in developed countries, contained an error, explains Pauline Dreyer. We therefore decided to secure these prescriptions by creating specialized software..” Logipren is based on the neonatal thesaurus whose elaboration process has been validated by the French Society of Neonatolgy (SFN), taking into account the recommendations of the American pharmacists association for the specifications of drugs outside the marketing authorization.(AMM)It thus cross-checks the data of the newborn with the chosen drug and automatically proposes the prescription with all associated calculations

(dose, preparation volume , dilution, rinsing)

Ensure the trackability of parenteral bags

integrated with patient administration system through IHE interface, it responds to the demands of a hospital computer system. The solution is capable of closely calculating the hidden nutritional amounts of drugs and milk ,giving the doctor the flexibility of adjusting the quantity of nutrients necessary to compound his bag. The software/program thus permits an assessment of nutritional intake benefits in real time , including those provided by all drugs. This solution is interfaced with the compounder and a barcode guarantees trackability.

A national database to drive public research forward

Logipren combines both public and private expertises.

Logipren was conceived by Pr Gouyon , pediatrician , neonatologist and director of the CEPOI, the center of perinatal studies of the Indian Ocean based in the Reunion university hospital and supported by a private company to sustain the innovation and make it viable. “The philosophy of this program is to provide both the public and private neotalogy medical community with a national database ,enabling the furthering of public research’, adds Pauline Dreyer.

The determining partnership of VIDAL in the certification preparation

The software obtained the LAP certification from the HAS on 28th January 2016 with the VIDAL drug database .The certification involved few constraints for the company as the program was inherently equipped with more security features than requested by the HAS. “Vidal was a real partner in the preparation of the certification, notes Pauline Dreyer. Their dedicated support team was highly reactive and available. We benefited from a simulation to train us in HAS auditing and to adjust certain features. Thanks to the API VIDAL we can manage drug interactions and incompatibilities even in adults, which permits complete coverage of the certification field. Today, not all LAP are certified and we are proud to have obtained this certification on the first attempt”, concludes Pauline Dreyer.

In the end, this positive certification test could have favored implementation of Logipren among one-third of French Neonatal Intensive Care Units. In deed,

The criteria of this certification are very high and it has reinforced this small editor’s credibility on the market and should accelerate its development in hospitals, which are awaiting for this label.