About us

Our missions

To help caregivers (doctors, nurses, pharmacists) care for the most seriously ill infants, particularly newborns, hospitalised in intensive care and resuscitation units.

A – Assistance with prescription and decision-making

We focus on particularly complex treatment actions requiring a high level of expertise and technology: drug prescription and (enteral and parenteral) nutrition.

We make every effort to provide custom prescriptions of the best possible quality and we strive to eliminate drug-related errors that lead to overdosing (toxicity) or underdosing (ineffectiveness).

We also seek to maximise the growth of newborns by providing the tool enabling customised fine-tuning of their nutritional intake, following international recommendations as closely as possible.

B – Evaluation of prescription quality and clinical research

We encourage the comparing of practices between care services by providing users and academic research with a database of all prescriptions created through our Logipren tool.

Our values

Our internal standards in terms of quality and reliability are high: we strive for service delivery excellence.

Professionalism, availability and commitment are our guiding principles.

The second key component at Logipren concerns the human aspect: kindness, trust, respect and solidarity are a non-negotiable basis for joining the team! ?

The satisfaction of our clients results from these values, reported on regularly at all levels of interaction (commercial, software, technical support, training, pharmaceutical monitoring, etc.).

Charly will tell you about the company ?

Our team

The directors

Béatrice Gouyon

CEO/Scientific Director

Paediatric neonatologist
Company founder

Laurent Conrad

Deputy CEO

Centrale Marseille Engineering School

Christophe Cann

Director computer architect

Institut Mines Télécom Lille engineer
Henri Allain

Business Director

AgroParisTech engineer

Séverine Martin

Director of Operations

Pharmacist and engineer
ENS des Mines St-Etienne

Alain Ditisheim

Marketing Director


Antoine Marchand

Administrative and Financial Director

Chartered Accountant qualified