Let’s protect the health of newborns

Logipren est confinancé par l’Union Européenne et la Région Réunion

A drug-related error occurs in one out of six manual prescriptions in neonatology.

Let’s reduce the risk of accidents

Source :  Horri J et al. Frequency of dosage prescribing medication errors associated with manual prescriptions for very preterm infants. J Clin Pharm Ther 2014;39:637
Campino al. Medication prescription and transcription errors in a neonatal unit. An Pediatr (Barc) 2006;64:330-5

Logipren: integral protection for newborn prescriptions and care in hospital

Drug-related errors, extremely common in neonatology due to the use of off-label medications, are regularly the cause of serious accidents and constitute a major challenge for healthcare institutionsréf Nguyen, Ther Adv Drug Saf 2018, Vol. 9(2) 123–155)..

Based on a proprietary database (approved protocols and reference thesaurus), Logipren is software to assist with drug prescription, designed by neonatologists specifically for neonatology and paediatric intensive care units, to meet the specific prescription needs within these particular patient groups.

Logipren provides a way to fully safeguard the entire process associated with the patient’s care: from prescription to administration, including medicine preparation, diet and parenteral nutrition. Medicine administration volumes are minimised at all times to preserve the maximum remaining volume possible for nutrition.

Logipren also provides access to a scientific community, an open forum for discussion, a platform for dialogue and for sharing and medical research between healthcare professionals.

Logipren: a community-based medical platform

Designed by a community of neonatologists for healthcare professionals and involved in the University Hospital of La Réunion’s B-PEN (benchmarking in neonatology prescription) research project with support from the European Union and the La Réunion region.


Software to assist with drug prescription and CE-marked parenteral nutrition


An inter-establishment community on neonatal therapeutic strategy


Results comparing care practices


A database for research projects on drugs and nutrition in neonatology

Reliable, simple and effective prescription

Neonatal drug reference table adjusted to patient characteristics (GA, PNA, CA, weight, indications)
Total elimination of manual calculations (prescription and preparation methods)
Linking of parenteral nutrition and drug prescriptions
Validation by the pharmacist
Secured with alerts

Equipped healthcare institutions



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