The B-PEN database
and the research

Participate in a research programme

The use of Logipren is coupled with the development of a centralised prescription database. This data is completely anonymised (for both patient and prescriber) within the institutions, before being sent to the data warehouse.

The main aim is to provide neonatology departments with the compared results of their prescription practices (B-PEN research programme conducted by the University Hospital of La Réunion). Moreover, the database allows the development of other research programmes.

A Scientific Committee has been established, consisting of doctors and pharmacists from all relevant hospital wards, representatives from learned societies (SFN, SFPC) and research units(CEPOI, INSERM.

Several research topics are currently being studied: prescription of antibiotics, antifungals and analgesics, the exposure of newborns to parabens via drugs, etc.
This research forms the subject of medical theses, science theses and publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Comparing prescription practices

The B-PEN database enables a regular comparison of prescription practices between care units.

A report is drafted each year containing the results from each unit and graphs comparing these results.

The comparison is anonymous: each care unit is given a number which is used for the results presented. Each unit knows their own number but not that of the other units.

The results are analysed by doctors and pharmacists from all the hospitals at an annual meeting. They guide the research implemented within the B-PEN database.

Ongoing research

  • Use of antifungals: Evelyne Jacqz-Aigrain (Robert Debré Hospital)
  • Sedation and analgesics: Manon Tauzin (CHI Créteil)
  • Acid suppressive medications: Silvia Lacobelli (University Hospital of La Réunion)
  • Nicardipine: Jean-Bernard Gouyon (CEPOI)*
  • Preminut (nutrition for preterm infants with aGA < 32 weeks of amenorrhoea): Jean-Bernard Gouyon (CEPOI)*

*Indian Ocean Perinatal Research Centre
Do not hesitate to contact us to participate or suggest research topics

Scientific articles

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